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Whether you are looking for a system to screen a pergola in the garden, a shop window or an office. From the outside or from the inside. With us, you configure your solution yourself and we will be happy to deliver it to you.


In the recess, on the façade and under the plaster. With and without zip. In a box with many size variants. At Techscreen, we have comprehensive solutions for almost every task.


Easy remote control, lightweight operation, durability and high weather resistance (extruded aluminium). 36-month full guarantee.


Wide range of fabric types and colours, various colours of construction lacquer.


Techscreen protects against the sun and the effects of other atmospheric conditions. The varying openess factor of the fabric even makes it possible to block out the sun’s rays completely.

Explore the process of setting up your Techscreen system

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Step 1



In the ZIP version, we used a zipper, which means that the fabric is connected to the side guides – it “zips up”, thus giving protection even against strong wind gusts. The system is dedicated to outdoor solutions – for pergolas, terraces or window coverings.

The system is available for box sizes 95, 105 and 125, for 90° and flush-mounted cassettes (here except for size 95). Access to the box from the front facilitates service.


The STANDARD version does not have a “zip”, or zipper system. The fabric is not integrated with the guides, so this is the best option if you are looking for a solution for indoor use. If the system is not exposed to violent weather conditions, it will work just as stable and long as ZIP.

The system is available for 95, 105 and 125 roller shutter panels and 90° boxes (no flush-mount solutions).  Easy access to the box from the front makes service a breeze.

Step 2


The TECHSCREEN ZIP outdoor system is suitable for built-in and also comes in a flush-mounted version. This makes it possible to plaster and build up the screen, matching the facade of the building. The use of extruded aluminum guarantees high resistance of the system.

Step 3

Choose your construction colour

RAL 9003

RAL 9003

RAL 1013

RAL 1013

RAL 9006

RAL 9006

RAL 7016

RAL 7016

RAL 8019

RAL 8019

Antracyt strukt.


Brąz strukt.


Step 4


We only use fabrics from the best international manufacturers. We focus on a combination of aesthetics, quality and durability.

Our fabrics are designed to withstand the most demanding weather conditions, including snowy and rainy winters. As a result, the fabrics will not deform or stretch.

0 to 5 % openess factor

Decide for yourself how much sun you want to let in. A 0% fabric completely obscures the space (e.g. a meeting room), while perforated fabrics with higher values of translucency allow you to regulate the access of sunlight and also create a “Venetian mirror” effect. In this situation, we can, for example, enjoy the view of our garden from behind the blind while remaining invisible from the outside.

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